Short history

In September 2007 a group of friends from Galicia (Spain) and Portugal wanting to share their experiences have met during an art event, in a restaurant in Oroso - Santiago de Compostela. Among them there were also artists: painters, photographers, sculptors, writers and poets whom only interest were the love of art. After this reunion more followed and the friendship grew stronger among the artists from Galicia and Portugal. This way AAAGP (Portuguese and Galician Art and Friendship Association) was born. 

In February 2010 was founded in Portugal, on legal bases, an association with the same name  (AAAGP – Portuguese and Galician Art and Friendship Association) domiciled in Paião, Figueira da Foz district. Initially the main objective was to promote art within Galician and Portuguese artists. But at present we are already an international association with around two hundred associates and friends, not only from European countries ( Russia, Holland, France, Luxemburg, Germany, Austria, Romania and Spain) but from other countries too (USA, Brazil, Angola, Argentina, São Tomé and Principe or New Guiney) . We promoted/launched in 2011 the 1st International Exhibition of Contemporary Art in small format 20X20 cm, inaugurated in the Art Center of Figueira da Foz. We had many participants from all over the world.

The two presidentes, Xulio Villaverde in  Galicia and Conceição Ruivo in Portugal pretend to endorse Galician and Portuguese artists on both countries by promoting their art, exchanging knowledge, helping to unify diverese currents in art. 

Conceição Ruivo also desires AAAGP-PT to be a well-known  internationally association. That is why she always struggles to gather more associates, to promote and encourage them to have success under the wing of AAAGP-PT, which more than an association, is a family united by a common and unique element:  Art.

Conceição Ruivo,

President of AAAGP